Event Management

Event management solution has a lot to offer. It helps you organize event management with innovative tools, which can be integrated with your ecosystem and existing processes. We understand how important events are for growing business, retaining customers and maximize ROI.

Be in the center of attention

Set up beautiful website, mobile app, integrate e-mailing system, define user groups logic and ticketing for your event.

Data driven results

Real- time analytics and dashboard lets you more transparent to track your events success. Our feature helps you make smarter decisions.

Simple ticket pricing

Set up a simple and diverse ticketing.

Enable entrepreneurs to do business

1-1 to meetings, matchmaking tool & messaging

Get lost of spreadsheets

Turn on your manage and communication to another level with smart charts which are up to date.

All in one

Emails, Event registration, Networking & matchmaking, CRM, Event App, Event Website – all you need without event management software.

Event Engagement

Engagement is important for your event for many reasons – whether it’s building commitment and trust from your attendees in your brand, having attendees feel part of something bigger, generating true excitement and much more. With our engagement tools we help to succeed all this parameters.

Event networking community

Enable your attendees 1-1 meetings, one-on-one messaging, sign in with social media (Linkedln) and get powerful attendee profiles.

Audience engagement

Engage your attendees with real-time event polls and surveys. Create quick, simple & customizable surveys and polls.

Put sponsors in front

Give sponsors much more than just a stand and logo on your site. Track sponsor and attendees and provide access to pertinent information and materials.
Networking will transform your
event into success.
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Event Marketing

Events must be memorable to make an impact, you must create an event within an event. We help your event with our digital marketing tools, that can interact with your attendees, sponsors in pre-event or live activities.

Create mobile friendly event website

Create a professional event website. No technical skills required. Easy set-up.

Configure and design smart e-mails

Send targeted e-mails to specific audiences, set up excel-based mailing lists, send personalized invitation e-mails.

Push / SMS messages

Send short personalized messages or push messages to attendees phones via powerful event marketing software.

Set up social buzz

Turn your attendees into your promoters of event on social media channels.

Everyone loves a discount

Easily create discount codes to offer special pricing for trusted customers or early bird registration.

Maximize value for sponsors

Give sponsors much more than just a stand and logo on your site, give them opportunities via other channels such as event app, website, polls and surveys.

Event Analytics

For every event at end success is what counts. To know how successful your event was, we can provide you with our analytics tools various report on-line in pre-event and post-event activities.

Real-time event data

Stay informed 24/7 before, during and after the event with graphical analytics designed to help you know what is working and what you have to improve for event success.

Post – event analytics

Analyze web & app traffic, email performance (opt-in/out), social activity and much more.

Collect RSVPs

Collect all the info you need with 100% customizable RSVP forms.

Visual and reliable reports

Attractive and transparent reports provided of your event success to be presented to internal or external audience.

Access all in one

Your dashboard is optimized for all devices (mobile, tablet).

View through events

Collect your specific data which you want across your different events, your attendees via event dashboards.