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Meetpoint solution will boost your event to much higher level. It offers full coverage from start to finish, including website set up, creating different types of events, database design, registration management, event promotions via mobile devices and the best possible event experience by using friendly interface.

Powerful online event management software

No downloads, no integration and no programming knowledge to create an event. Scroll down to se some of the key features that MeetPoint has to offer:

Contacts Management

Keeping a professional address book up-to-date can be a huge task. Our smart contact management tools will make it really easy for you.

Custom Registration forms

Does your registration form require some very specific input fields? With MeetPoint it's easy to set up multiple registration forms with custom fields and settings for every event.

E-mail marketing

Configure and design beautiful e-mails to promote event or invite attendees. Insert email html or set up emails with powerful but simple drag/drop email builder.

Event Websites

Event page creation with MeetPoint is a simple and quick process that also generates a mobile version of the page.

Planning ahead every step

MeetPoint is platform that empowers you to plan events, increase attendance and measure your success.

Mobile friendly check-in

Save time by quickly scaning attendees' unique QR codes at the event entrance. Codes can be scanned with any smart mobile devices that has the MP check-in app installed.

Badge printing

Easily configure in advance – automatically print out badges at the event.

Event Analytics

Control the relevant metrics 24/7 before, during and after the event with graphical analytic tools designed to help you know what is working and what you have to do to turn your event into success.

All in one solution

MeetPoint brings together some of the smartest features to takes care of every aspect of organizing a modern, digital event.

Event Networking & Matchmaking

1-to-1 meetings and advanced matchmaking tools, agenda & messaging will give attendees options to find the right person at your event.

Event Mobile apps

Meetpoint's white label event app will make it easy for attendees and sponsors to find information, use networking options and engage with social media.
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Case studies of successful events

Our clients have achieved great results in partnering with MeetPoint at their events.

TOPTALK - Boris Becker

Client: Si.mobil d.d.

TOPTALK is a yearly business event of the mobile operator Si.mobil d.d. (Slovenia). Si.mobil d.d. is part of Telekom Austria group which is also present in Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belarus and Slovenia.


Client was looking for a solution which would help them use online sign-up forms, e-mail invitations, mobile friendly check-in and above all an opportunity for business networking among attendees. The networking feature was crucial for the client because the topic of the TopTalk event with Boris Becker focused on how to succeed in business, therefore the client wanted to enable all its participants to make business through networking.
Read the case study >

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Client: Pristop d.o.o.

Pristop is one of the leading consultancy and communications companies in SE Europe. Headquartered in Slovenia, it has been a partner of key local and global companies as well as governmental, non-governmental and international organizations for over 20 years. During this time it has stood side by side with numerous companies and organizations in planning and implementing their strategies and helping them achieve their goals.


Before we introduced them our MeetPoint solution Pristop was using signup forms that generated complicated mailing lists. The system was integrated with another document management system where they would store all attendee information. At the end of the day Pristop needed a more efficient and reliable solution to manage registration, especially because event lasted couple of days and had a diverse program that lasted several days.
Read the case study >

Temelatics Conference Sofia and Dubai

Client: Ergo Institude Ltd

The telematics fast growing industry is getting more and more interesting for all places around the world. It is of special importance in the Middle East and Africa region. Ergo institute organizes 2-3 conferences per year, where they gather attendees and companies from all around the world.


Before MeetPoint solution clients were not using any software solution for event management. They were still using classic conservative solutions (excel, mailing). With the global growth of their events they started to look for a software solution that would bring their events to next level.
Read the case study >
Boris Becker
Si.mobil d.d.
Mercedes Benz
Fashion week
Pristop d.o.o.
Ergo Institude Ltd

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Trusted clients

A1 Telematics SEMPL TS AS CEED Huawei Krka Jezeršek MBFWLJ OKS POP
“Due to certain requirements and specific needs in organizing our event we have cooperated with the developers of MeetPoint in creating the MeetPoint tool. At that point the market could not provide us with the enough detailed software for events management. With real-life challenges and the most advanced software knowledge of the MeetPoint team we have developed an excellent software solution enabling a unified and automatic on-line management for inviting people to the events. We have used and improved the MeetPoint for the famous Si.mobil Business TopTalk events and we would happily recommend it to everyone.”

Tatjana Kos, Jaka Ažman, Senior expert in marketing communication, A1 Slovenija d.d.
“MeetPoint solution is a simple and comprehensive method for inviting people and confirming attendees at the events. If Excel used to be our good friend helping us prepare and use mailing lists for the events, has MeetPoint now became our best friend.”

Tea Smole, Event manager, Pro Plus d.o.o.
“MeetPoint is an excellent application for networking! We have used it for the first time at our 4th BNI Adria Conference and we were really excited since the majority of attendees used it. Even our members who do not know each other established a contact through the application and agreed to meet at the conference.

For us as organizers however the application is priceless. It offers simple and transparent lists of invited people, possibility for sending invitations and reminders etc. And the best feature of the application proved to be a bar-code for monitoring presence at the conference. When 70 people come to the event 15 minutes before the beginning, scanning of their bar-codes represents a professional, simple and very quick registration.”

Irena Jelen, Office Manager, BNI Adria
“We have been looking quite a while for a functional, easy to manage app that would contribute to our invitation process and make it user friendly, especially for our guests. With Meetpoint team things got more simple and less time consuming.”

Eva Celec, Event manager, Pristop d.o.o
“Since we have been using MeetPoint solution it has become much easier for us to implement business international events Telematrics Conference which we are organizing in Europe and in the Middle East. From the organizers point of view is our work with MeetPoint more fluent and transparent, since all the important information are available in one place. At the same time the unified registration of participants guarantees an uninterrupted and quicker flow of events. On the other hand, the on-line portal enables registered attendees to network before the event, to organize their meetings in advance and in this way get the most out of our events”

Alenka Bezjak Mlakar, Director, Telematics Conference

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